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Scattered along a plateau 120 meters above the landing at Bounty Bay is Adamstown, the only settlement. There is now a concrete road from the harbor at Bounty Bay up the "Hill of Difficulty" to the village. At the top of the hill over the bay is The Edge, a restful spot with benches, shady trees, an old anchor, and a great view of everything.

The original Bible from the Bounty is showcased in the small museum opened at Adamstown in 2005. The Bible, sold in 1839, was eventually acquired by the Connecticut Historical Society, which returned it to Pitcairn in 1949.

The four-meter anchor of the Bounty, salvaged in 1957, is now mounted in the square outside the courthouse. Nearby is a Bounty cannon recovered in 1999.

Pitcairn postage stamps may be purchased at the post office between the courthouse and church. The library and dispensary are adjacent. A bell on the square is used to announce church services and the arrival of ships. The graves of John Adams, his wife Teio, and daughter Hannah are a short walk inland.

On the ridge west of Adamstown is a cave in which Fletcher Christian stayed during the period of strife on the island. He was finally killed by two Tahitians. Guilded walking tours of the island are easily arranged. The resting place of the Bounty is only 15 meters offshore but snorkeling is only possible on rare calm days.