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No hotels or guest houses exist on Pitcairn, and the two government hostels are usually reserved for official use.

The island magistrate can organize paying guest accommodation with local families, but such arrangements must be made prior to arrival.


Visiting yachties are welcomed into the Pitcairners' homes. If you're headed for Pitcairn, take along a good supply of canned foods and butter, plus worthwhile books for the library, to repay the hospitality you'll receive.

An American Seventh-Day Adventist missionary converted the Pitcairners in 1876, so pork, cigarettes, and drugs. Alcohol was previously banned but now you only need to buy a permit to imbibe. Tea and coffee were also previously frowned upon but they are accepted now. To protect the island's beekeeping industry from disease, honey and bee products are prohibited imports.

The Cooperative Store opens for a few hours three times a week. Canned foods are usually obtainable, but flour, eggs, meat, and butter must be ordered from New Zealand several months in advance. Since no freight is charged to Pitcairn for foodstuffs, prices are about the same as in New Zealand, with a markup of 20 percent to cover losses.