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Unless you own a boat, the only practical way of visiting Pitcairn is with Pitcairn Travel. Their monthly 10-day yacht tours to Pitcairn, available from April to September, cost around US$3,500 per person for transportation. You'll fly from Tahiti to Mangareva in the Gambier group (extra charge), then experience a two-day cruise to Pitcairn.

On Pitcairn you stay ashore as guests of the Pitcairners at US$77 a day for room and board. The yacht also does a bird watching and scuba diving trip from Pitcairmn to Henderson for another US$1,000 per person. It only continues to Oeno on its diving voyages—mostly to dive the wreck of the SV Wild Wave.

Ocean Voyages Inc. of Sausalito, California, books this trip and arranges other yacht tours to Pitcairn using Tahiti-based yachts. Three weeks must be allowed for the roundtrip sea journey, with the possibility of stops at the Tuamotus.

Luxury cruise ships also visit Pitcairn occasionally between Easter Island and Tahiti, but they spend only a few hours ashore and in bad weather they're unable to land at all.